When shipping your RV, it is crucial to transport on the correct trailer due to certain DOT height restrictions. We also offer drive away options that are much more cost effective. You should always book your RV shippers at least 1-2 weeks in advance. With Door to Door RV shipments please understand that big trucks are restricted to go into certain areas. You must also take in to account low hanging trees and cross wires in rural areas. North and south routes RV shipments usually take 5-7 days and east to west generally take 8-11 days for RV transporting.

Why Use Door To Door RV Shipping Company?

Door To Door Auto Transport is an affordable RV transport company. Not only are our prices competitive with other RV transport companies, we have over 30 years experience as one of the leading RV transporters in the country. We can get your RV moved across the state, country or even to another country. The best way to get moving is to fill out our RV shopping quote form and one of our agents will call you soon with your RV transport quote.

Owning an RV (recreational vehicle) can be an amazing way to spend quality time together with family and friends. Whether you use it to vacation with your young kids, travel during retirement or tailgate before and after the big game, owning an RV offers many of the comforts of home. The challenge arises when you need it moved; no matter the reason we can help.

There are times when you purchase an RV and need it transported to and from your home or vacation spot. In those instances, you need professional RV shippers to come to your aide. Another time you may need an RV transporters is when you upgrade and need to get it to the new owners. Transporting such a large item comes with some unique difficulties, which many people have not ever considered. That is why Door to Door has become a leading RV shipping company. We apply many of the same transport processes we have learned in 30 years of shipping cars and other recreational vehicles.

Our RV transport quotes includes: Full coverage insurance, fuel, driver pay, transportation for the driver, tolls, permits, plating of the vehicle. Breakdown and downtime expense is not included in the event of mechanical malfunction.

Here is how Door To Door Auto Transport arrives at your RV shipping quote.

First we determine the type of RV you need shipped. Obviously different RVs require different logistics to move. We have found no move is identical.

Second we calculate your mileage from origin to destination. There are factors that go in this. Time of year and what type of truck we need to use to ship your RV comes into play.

Next, we give you the price and options we have. These options may differ from move to move. Some moves may have more options than others.

Finally, you will place your order. This can be easy, but again, there is not “normal” RV move!

What else is there to know about RV transport? Most drivers will call you 10 to 24 hours before pick-up and drop off in order to get all the details of the trip clarified. When the driver arrives, you and the driver will inspect the RV for any damage, just as you will when they drop it off.

Just remember that when you use Ship your RV Nationwide, you will be linked with some of the top recreation vehicle transporters in the nation, who will treat your RV as if it was their own. If you want to learn more about shipping your recreational vehicle you may want to visit our First Time Shipping page or our FAQ page to find even more information on what to expect when you transport your RV. To find out more about how we can get your RV shipped, call our office today!