At Door To Door Auto Transport, our goal is simple and stress free car shipping services. We bring over 30 years experience to car transport and will handle all your transport needs so you can focus on other things! Our experience has taught us that every car shipping adventure is different. For that reason, we take the time to understand all your vehicle transport needs. It is our mission to watch over you during your auto shipping as if it were our c
ar we were moving! That is not something you can expect from other auto shipping companies. Our integrity and ethics we apply to vehicle shipping will give you the experience you need!

We Specialize In All Car Shipping Services With 30 Years Of Experience


auto-shipping-bannerDoor to Door Auto Transport specializes in international, enclosed and open car shipping for individuals, military personnel, snowbirds, auctions and auto dealers. We bring nearly 30 years experience to car transport and can also move your SUV, motorcycle, boat, jet ski and farm and construction equipment. To find out more about vehicle transport and how Door to Door Auto Transport help you with all your car shipping needs, call our office to today to speak to a vehicle shppping expert or fill out our auto shipping quote form and a Door to Door representative will be in touch with you shortly. Take it from us, don’t lead your car shipping to just anyone!

If you have never used an auto transport provider, know that Door To Door Auto Transport is here to serve all your auto shipping needs! To get the best rate, make sure you call us so we can address any car transport questions you may have. As experts in car shipping of every type, we know how to get you where you need to go for the right price and the best service! Door to Door Auto Transport approaches vehicle transport with some simple truths…great service, communication, ethics and integrity. All this means that we put years of experience as one of America’s largest car shipping companies to work for you.

We Are Serious About Providing The Highest Standard In Car Shipping


car-transport-trucksDoor to Door Auto Transport is serious about providing the highest standard of safety and security in thecar shipping industry. We are the perfect match for antique or every day cars and can also handle the vehicle transport needs of the largest dealers, manufacturers and individuals alike. We put the most advanced car shipping technology to work for you to fulfill any request you may have to get your car across the county or even around the world! If you would like you can even read up on what some of our current and former car shipping customers say about our ability to move cars! Given the opportunity to partner with Door to Door, we know that your auto shipping experience will be like many of our other satisfied customers, the best car shippingexperience you will find!

You Deserve The Best Car Shipping Experience Available

No matter what kind of car you have, the transport of that car needs to be reliable and quality! Our team of car shipping experts will deliver your ride in the exact condition we picked it up in. We feel that you deserve the best car shipping experience available and we can deliver! Our vehicle transport partners know and understand what you desire in your move and we can deliver. Let us do the work of keeping your vehicle safe during the car shipping and you can focus on other aspect of your move. To start your auto transport experience, fill out our form and we will contact your shortly with your free quote.

First Time Car Shipping?

If this is your first car shipping experience, the first thing you need to ask yourself, how should I ship my car? Honestly, the best way to find out how is to call our office and speak to our representatives and let us help you make your decision, With nearly 30 years experience in auto transport, there are few issues and obstacles that we have not run into! Give us a shot and you will not be disappointed!

Experienced Open And Enclosed Car Shipping Services

Our car shipping division has stood the test of time and is one of America’s premiere enclosed car shipping companies. One way we stay the best is to give our current and future customers the best information available and give them the type of transport they need, rather than the type of car transport we want to put them into; we want the round car shipping peg to go into the round car transport hole, rather than forcing the square peg into the round hole!

There are 2 basic ways to Transport a vehicle. The first way is by open carrier. This is the most common way to shipping mode. These trucks are very prevalent on the highways of America and are loaded with cars and go from destination to destination. Typically, in the world of car shipping, open is less expensive, however, since your car is exposed to the elements during open (rather than enclosed car shipping), they are at risk to damage from debris (rocks, tires and sand). This is the real difference between enclosed and open auto transport because these unprotected vehicles can get damaged. Other considerations are the weather, snow, sleet and especially hail.

During both enclosed and open car shipping, the cars need to be secured to the trailer. In most cases, during open car transport, they are held in place with chains that are connected to the frame of the car. Typically, your car will arrive in the same condition it was picked up in and there will be no issues. To prove this point, most dealerships take the risk and use open transport to deliver their new cars.

The second basic type is enclosed car shipping and it is exactly what it sounds like; your car is secured in an enclosed car shipping trailer and will be protected from the elements. There are also many enclosed vehicle shipping trucks on the road, but it is easy to confuse them with standard freight tractor trailers. Top enclosed car shipping companies will use a “soft tie” strap system to attach the car to the trailer (rather than chains). Most enclosed car transport companies extend first-class “white glove” service. This means that they may even place floor mats down to ensure your car is not messed up.

Buyer beware, all these extras come with a price tag. Enclosed auto transport can cost as much as 75-100% more than open car transport. Enclosed Car transport isn’t for everyone. If you have a classic, exotic or high-end luxury car, it may be worth the extra you would spend to transport via enclosed auto shipping. Please do research to make sure you understand all your options and take time to make an informed enclosed car shipping decision. This is the reason Door to Door Auto Transport wants to speak directly to you and if enclosed car shipping is for you, we will give you the highest standard of safety and security in enclosed vehicle transport.

To find out more about open car transport and how Door to Door Auto Transport can exceed all your car shipping needs, call us today or fill our auto transport quote form and a Door To Door Auto Transport representative will be in touch with you shortly.