How to Choose an Auto Shipping Company

1. Reputation in Car Transport

From our experience in auto shipping, we know the value you place on your car. When choosing a car shipping company, it is important that you and the auto shipping company be on the same page when it comes to the safety and reliability of the transport of your vehicle. We at Door To Door Auto Transport are a Christian, family-owned vehicle transport company! If you would like to see what some of our previous auto shipping customers say about us, please read our testimonials from current and former Door To Door Auto Transport customers.

To us, reputation is everything and our goal is to make your car transport experience as stress free as possible. Be weary of the auto shippingcompany that pressures you into making an immediate decision. This happens when low end car transport companies pressure unsuspecting vehicle transport customers into making a quick decision by telling them the car shipping quote is only good for a short time (like that day). After all, everything is negotiable and aren’t they the one that sets the auto shipping price in the first place?

Top rated auto transport companies NEVER require an upfront, nonrefundable deposit before car shipping! Most of the auto shipping companies that follow this practice will pressure you to make a decision and get a nonrefundable deposit. To the unsuspecting car shipping customer you feel like you are getting a “deal”, but in reality, you aren’t! This proves that choosing a quality car transport company is paramount to a successful experience transporting your vehicle. The best way to get a “deal” with Door To Door Auto Transport is to call us directly and ask us to give you an auto shipping price.

2. Licensing and Insurance

Door To Door Auto Transport is a fully licensed and insured vehicle shipping company with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. This is the case with most vehicle transport companies! We recommend that you ask the auto shipping company to fax over their current car shipping paperwork and you check with your insurance to see what is actually covered and not covered during transport!

3. Shipping Options

Door To Door Auto Transport is top rated in all types of auto shipping options. Our auto transport services are exactly as our name says, door-to-door (in most cases) and you can count on us to deliver your car, truck, recreational vehicle (boat, RV or jet ski), motorcycle, or heavy equipment directly to you in the exact condition as when we picked it up! We put over 25 years of auto shipping expertise to work for you!


What Different Services Can An Auto Transport Company Provide?

1. Open Car Transport

Open vehicle shipping is the most cost effective way to move your car. With open auto transport, your vehicle is placed on an open-air auto shipping trailer. This type of car transport works with any vehicle, including trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and boats. The down side of open vehicle transport is that your vehicle is exposed to the elements during the vehicle shipping process. But remember that many car dealerships trust open car shipping for may of their new cars.

2. Enclosed Auto Transport

Door To Door Auto Transport’s Enclosed Car Transport Service provides the most protection for your vehicle. Our enclosed auto shipping service uses only the best enclosed auto transport trailers that will protect your vehicle during inclement weather. Enclosed car shipping protects your vehicle from any potentially damaging road hazards such as low hanging trees, debris from travel, and many other unexpected elements. Door To Door Auto Transport highly recommends enclosed auto shipping for high-value exotic cars, classic cars, luxury autos, and even motorcycles. Enclosed car shipping is the best option when you need white glove service to protect the value of the car. Keep in mind that, in most cases, shipping enclosed can be significantly more expensive than open auto transport.

3. Expedited Car Shipping

Door To Door Auto Transport offers expedited auto transport when you need your car moved fast. Regardless of the reason, we will move your car with speed and confidence! In most cases, we can pick your car up within 48 hours of placing your vehicle shipping order and it will be well on its way! Door To Door Auto Transport’s expedited customers can choose between open car transport or enclosed vehicle transport. Shipping expedited is a specialty service reserved for those customers that are under a tight time restriction and need their car moved now, but it will be more expensive. To find out more about expedited or any of our auto shipping services, call our office today!

4. Recreational Vehicle Shipping Services

Door To Door Auto Transport offers several specialty car shipping services to accommodate other types of vehicles like recreational vehicles. These recreational vehicles may include but are not limited to boats, jet ski’s, quads, dune buggies, scooters, campers, RV’s, and motorcycles. We have years of experience in shipping these types of vehicles and understand that each type is different and that they all require the right touch! We also bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience to shipping heavy machines such as construction and excavating equipment, bull dowsers, tractors, farm, and military equipment. For all your recreational and equipment shipping needs, call Door To Door Auto Transport Directly and speak with our team!

5. Vehicle Shipping Delivery and Schedule Options

Door To Door Auto Transport specialized in reliable auto shipping all over the United States and around the world and offers both standard car transport delivery options and expedited vehicle transport options. Standard auto shipping is when we agree on a reasonable date for pickup and delivery. Expedited car shipping means “rushed”. We can usually pickup your car within 1 to 4 days, compared to regular auto transport which takes an average of 7 to 10 days. The delivery of that car depends on where the delivery location is and how many other stops need to be made in between. Our car shipping schedule generally takes from seven to ten days when shipping coast to coast, three to five days to going north to south (and vice versa) and four to six days from the Midwest to either coast. International timelines are usually harder to predict and differ depending on where you are going and where the car needs to be picked up.

As always, to find out more about Door To Door Auto Transport or to schedule a car for pick-up and delivery, call our office and speak with our team!