Door To Door Motorcycle Shipping has nearly 30 years experience as a leading motorcycle shipping company. We know that there are many motorcycle shipping companies to choose from, but there is only one Door to Door! We have the experience and knowledge as motorcycle shippers to manage your move at the right price, and on time. Our network of motorcycle transport companies have a global reach and besides that, we actually own the trucks which puts the safety of your bike our primary concern. That is something many motorcycle transporters cannot boast about. We’re confident we can help you through any motorcycle move, across the county and around the world.

How long is the transit time?

Transit time can be anywhere from 8-10 business days and al long as 12-14 business days when you are shipping coast to coast.

How long will it take to get my bike picked up?

In some cases, we can pick up the bike within a couple of days to a week.

Can I ship extra parts or boxes with the motorcycle?

No. Everything needs to be shipped separately. Saddlebags and windshields can stay on the bike and helmets may be shipped as long as they are securely strapped to the bike.

What do I need to do to prepare the bike for shipping?

You will need to make sure to drained down the gar to reserve, or as low as possible and empty all belongings from the saddle bags. The bike also needs to be unlocked so that the driver can roll the bike onto the truck and onto the skid.

Will I be notified before the pick up and delivery?

Yes, our driver will try to contact you within 24 hours before the pick up and delivery.

Can I have the bike picked up and delivered to a residence?

Yes, as long as the residence is tractor-trailer accessible.

Will the condition of my bike be noted?

Yes, the driver will note the condition on a Bill of Lading before he loads the bike. Any damage that is found at the time of delivery must be noted on the inventory sheet and signed for.