Exotic & Classic Car Transport

Collector & Classic Car Transport: A safe way to move your precious vehicle

Classic, antique, and sports car collecting is not an ordinary hobby. Transporting those precious pieces of art and nostalgia is not an ordinary job. Transporting exotic cars requires extra care, attention, and experience of the car shipper.

luxury-car-transportOwners of rare, restored or highly expensive custom cars need to be assured that their vehicle is in safe hands. They need to be certain that every person responsible for their car delivery completely understands how to effectively handle any problems or issues that might arise, especially when the vehicle will be traveling over thousands of miles away from its owner to another destination. Owners also need to be confident that if anything happens to their car, there is a transportation insurance policy in place to handle whatever comes our way. We at Door To Door Auto Transport understand the complexities of dealing with exotic and classic car transportation, and we can assure our customers that their precious cars are in great hands with us.

Enclosed Car Shipping by Door To Door Auto Transport

Custom and classic car Auctioneers, as well as, the owners of custom and classic cars often move vehicles from one car show or race to another. They need a reliable car transport company that will get the car from point A to point B safely. Even if it’s a last minute request we can offer fast car transport service to and from any point in the continental US. Additionally, if you need car transport military discount for your exotic car, please refer to our military car transport section.

Enclosed Car Transport is Recommended For High-End Vehicles.

The enclosed trailer provides extra safety like unexpected rock chips and other debris that could be encountered on the road. Ninety percent of the time, classic and custom car owners choose enclosed car shipping service despite the proven safety of the open car shipping. Door To Door Auto Transport understands the need for peace of mind, that’s why we offer hard sided enclosed car transport trailers that will protect your investment from outdoor elements.

Door To Door Auto Transport understands the delicacy of transporting vintage or custom cars.

luxury-car-carrierWe offer exotic car shipping services anywhere in the continental U.S. Owners of rare, restored, luxury or classic cars know about the stress associated with transporting a vehicle, and the need to work with a reliable car shipping company. No matter where you are in the country, we can help you ship your exotic, race, or classic car with the promise of quality car hauling service. Whether your vehicle is a new purchase from Ebay, you’re going to your vacation home for a get-away and want to take your car, or headed to the next auto show, Door To Door Auto Transport provides reliable enclosed and open car shipping transporters for your vintage or custom car. If you are a snowbird going to the South, we offer special car transport discount for snowbirds.

Door To Door Auto Transport Reliable Classic Car Shipping Service

At Door To Door Auto Transport Auto Transport, we know how much time, money, love and effort owners of exotic and classic cars have invested into their vehicles. That understanding allows us to appreciate the true piece of art that we are being entrusted with and offer expert vehicle transport to your door. This is our motivation to protect your investment by utilizing only the best enclosed classic car transporters in the industry.

We are licensed, bonded and insured to move your high value automobile.

Door To Door Auto Transport employs only the most experienced car shippers, who have a reputation of honesty and reliability. These shippers have proven themselves with our company and we trust them to safely deliver your valuable cargo.

When you hire us, you can rest assured, knowing that your vehicle is insured against any damages. No matter what our auto movers may encounter during the transport of your vintage or sports car, know that you are receiving the best protection that money can buy.

Door To Door Auto Transport Will Handle Your Vehicle With Care

exotic-car-transportAt Door To Door Auto Transport Auto Transport, our reputation speaks for itself. Read Door To Door Auto Transport customer reviews to verify that we are one of the most trusted vehicle transportation companies in the country. Use our car transport cost calculator to get an instant price quote! If you have more vehicle shipping questions and tips please click the link to visit our FAQ page or contact us though our live customer support chat. Still have questions, feel free to contact one of our car shipping service coordinators at (866) 802-7447 and we will answer any additional questions you may have.