Definition of Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport is transporting your car on an open trailer that exposes it to potential damage during transport.

Moving a car using open auto shipping means that your vehicle is at the mercy of external elements and weather that may cause damage your car.Open auto transport is typically less expensive than enclosed auto transport for two reasons. The first is because they have to spend less time loading and preparing your open auto shipping. Secondly, they can put more cars on the trailer, which spreads the cost out among all the cars. You need to know that just because you are exposed to potential damage during open car transport, it is rare and the risks during open car transport are rare, but they can and do occur. That said, many individuals and dealerships take this risk during open auto transport because it can save a considerable amount of money.

Definition of Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is transporting your car on an enclosed auto shipping trailer that protects your car from damage during transport.

Enclosed auto transport is the best option when you need to protect your vehicle from the potential damage that weather, trees, rocks and debris may cause. You should know that enclosed auto transport can be considerable more expensive than open car transport. In the right situation, the extra money you spend could be a great investment to protect your car, especially if you are shipping a rare, classic, vintage, or high end car. Enclosed vehicle transport companies charge more money because they give your car “TLC” during transport and they typically haul less cars. The white glove service that you get during enclosed auto shipping might be just the right touch for you.

Door To Door Auto Transport is a family owned auto transport company that specializes in both open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. If you are needing a car moved, either open or enclosed, we recommend that you call us today and speak with our open car transport or enclosed vehicle shipping specialists and let us work through your needs.